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About me

I was baptized as Silvia Di Raimondo, but here I am Sivy.

This is the sound I chose for myself when I signed my first artwork. They could say that I was born with that painting. Or, perhaps, from that painting.

If you are wondering how I got here...

The degree in engineering, obtained in 2013, freed me from the chains of study and economic dependence: I was able to give free rein to my desire to explore the world, and life. I was an Italian abroad, first in Andalusia, and then in Texas. I used university notions for the management of complex engineering projects. I have multiplied my skills in small and global companies. I absorbed any useful notion. I enjoyed every opportunity. I made my own way, and created one when there wasn’t any.

I challenged myself...

...I had fun


However, not even the potential energy of who I was, was strong enough to hold me back.Despite the professional possibilities and the allurements of comfort, the most intimate, censored desire long kept in my soul was and always is the same: to paint.

Art, intended as the act of creation, has always been part of my life, of my identity. It is the first, true passion that I have ever known. Since I can remember, I practiced fine arts all around, following Teachers and continuing as a self-taught when - out of necessity and duty - my passion has been relegated to free time only.

Today, when I create, I do it because I need it.

I do it to let flow out the stream that fills me up, sometimes in a violent and uncontrollable way. Some call it inspiration. A tickling sensation in my fingers, and champagne bubbles in my soul, both pressing to find an outlet.

When I close the door to the world outside, time takes another form and I exist, alone, in an infinite present. The Universe enclosed within me is ready to be listened to.

Time and Energy...



Creating awakens and connects the wild woman and the dreaming child who live in me; it makes me smile with joy; it grants me the honor of getting lost in a glorious spiral of absence, which leaves me wonderfully satisfied and happy. Sometimes the involvement is so intensely, wonderfully unique, that my heart overflows with gratitude.

It always starts with white, and the idea is sown in the void. I don't even know what will grow from that spark. Doing triggers mechanisms of subtle imbalances; emotions are lighted up again and memories are rediscovered, rising from the depths of my own being and bursting on the surface like bubbles of oxygen. Intuition does the rest. Sometimes the subject changes drastically in the middle of the work, as if to show an unconscious and holistic evolution.

During the years, my works have increased an intimate and spiritual connection with myself. Through Art I meditate. I inhale and exhale with my hands, through a flow of energy that goes beyond the weft and warp of the canvas, inside and out and through. And Beyond.

I paint emotions...

...and emotions paint me back


Today is a puzzle of risky choices, leaps of faith, and repeated throws of the heart beyond the obstacle – Italian expression.

And when I ask myself why I do it, and what drives me to get involved over and over and over again, I answer to myself in the words of Scott Carney, from The Wedge:

The point of being alive is to have experiences that make it all worthwhile

Scott Carney ~ The Wedge

The point of being alive is to have experiences that are worth it. So I choose to bet on myself, because

“It takes courage to be happy”

K. Blixen

silvia di raimondo