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Get Ready
Duma Key
Get ready.

“I’ve been ready for a while”, you say.

But now it’s getting real, concrete, so BE ready.

Look at that lighting strike. There must be something down there. They say you are going to sail right into the storm but – you know what? – it’s probably gonna end soon, way before you even get close to it.

Get ready.

Leave your shelter. Thunders won’t scare you, if you’ll face the lightnings standing straight, getting ready for all the cracks and rumbles.

I promise you – the journey won’t be easy. But it’s not going to be hard either. You’ve been catching your breath for a while, you’ve been reading the stars, and now it’s time. Time to move. Time to go.

Get ready.

The sand under your feet is still warm despite the weather, and the water looks inviting. It couldn’t be any more perfect.

They´re asking why the Hell don’t you just wait for the sun to come out. It’s been days and days of dark clouds, after all, but it’s going to get better again. Soon. But you know soon is not enough, and sunlight won’t make up for it.

Get ready.

Fierce winds and waves are not going to stop you. You’ll learn once again how to master them. You are sailing right towards your dreams, so smile even if you don’t feel like it right now. Eventually all the pieces will fall into place.

Get ready. Laugh. Live.
«It was like being part of a wave of water» she says. «A wave of spray from the ocean feels powerful, but it is only there for a moment, the sun dries the puddles and the water is gone. Then you feel maybe it never happened. That is how it was with us. The only wave that changes anything is a tsunami. You have to tear down the houses and destroy the land if you want to be sure no one will forget you.»
Naomi Alderman, The Power


2018 · Oil on canvas

60 x 30 cm · 24 x 12 in